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My name is Dr Enrique Chial, MD. I was born in Panama City; speak Spanish, fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese. I graduated from Medical School in 1985 and have realized early in my medical practice that “Conventional or FDA medicine” was good for emergency cases to save lives, but is seldom the solution for most chronic diseases. 

After finishing my 2 year medical internship, I headed to China (1988) to study Acupuncture, a 2,000 year old medical treatment. 

When I came back to Panama, started working with my specialty, I realized that I wouldn’t fix everything with Acupuncture only. And I realized that the Conventional Medicine didn’t solve much of the problems. So I started looking for other complementary and natural ways of healing that could blend perfectly with the Acupuncture. 

Nowadays, not only do I have to deal with “real diseases”, but now I have to deal with a blend of symptoms and maladies caused by the prescribed treatments of “Modern or Allopathic Medicine”! And this is a terrible thing to do because somehow patients are sold the idea that they really need this or that expensive medicine that are not curing them, but only turning off their “symptom switch”.

We were taught in Medical School by Hippocrates that “First do no harm” and that’s exactly what most conventional treatments are doing, harming the patient’s big time. Lots of doctors are only interested in looking for SURGICAL alternatives to your simple problem. Their scope of treatments goes from “take this pill, if it doesn’t work in a week, we’ll operate”! 

Hello!!! What happened to all the other safer and more physiological ways to heal? The fact that they don’t practice them doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Probably they have even seen their patients “escape their knife” finding important relief with other alternatives. But they will systematically hide these anecdotes from their new patients. 

A certain drug can have 3 indications for its use, but a list of 50 side effects that you could have when taking it! If you are only taking one prescript medicine, then there is no problem. You will survive. But when you start taking more than 4-5 drugs and for long time, then that’s when you will probably start having a health meltdown.

Not only will you have your previous symptoms, now you will start having bizarre symptoms that could be some nasty drug interaction or that the medicine is giving you symptoms like weakness, drowsiness, stomach bleeding or ulcer, stomach gases, constipation, erectile dysfunction, and so on. 

These bizarre symptoms are a result of turning off so many symptoms switches in the body which are trying to tell you that something is WRONG!! And your prescribed drugs are not treating the cause, just “turning off” the symptom….. 

Since graduating from Medical School, I have not stopped incorporating different medical modalities or techniques to treat my patients. My spirit has pushed me to all the corners of the world looking for better ways to treat my patients. 

And I feel I still have much more that can be learned. What I can tell you is that I feel very optimistic and excited about how I have blended all this different healing methods to integrate it in a daily practice that presents itself with such a diverse type of patients, all looking for the cure for their “difficult case” or chronic disease. The base for the success of all these alternatives is that most of these natural treatments think first of all, on the cause, and then treat it. We are not only chasing the symptoms away. This is why we can promise long term cure or relief. The beauty of this is that all the natural alternatives can harmonize together to obtain a powerful and effective treatment of the “incurable” illness. 

I feel very fortunate to have received incredible information from very knowledgeable doctors which have shared their valuable experience, they have taught me how to think analytically to solve difficult cases. I can mention my Acupuncture Clinical professor, Dr Lin from Beijing (1988), Dr Julio Olsner Moreno, Homeopath, my first homeopathic mentor (2004), Dr Arturo O’Byrne Navia (2005) which came to Panama in the First Iberoamerican Homeopathic Symposium, Dra Monica Name , Dr Herrera, Dr Julian Whitaker, Dr Stephen Sinatra (Cardiologist) with his Metabolic Cardiology, Dr Frank Shallenberger (Ozone therapy eminence in USA), the people from Heel Colombia with their annual international conferences with world class guests, the people from DKN Heil Pro for their excellent Orthomolecular Courses, Guna from Italy for their advances in Physiologic Regulating Homeopathy, Dr Frank King for his incredible Mind Body Neuromodulating products, Owen Mu from PSK Health for his inconditional support with the EECP equipment. 

Here is an outline of my studies of different types of treatments: 

1988 - Acupuncture studies in Beijing. 
1993 - Incorporated Vitamins, herbs and minerals
2004 - Homeopathics or Physiological Regulatory Medicine 
2005 - Biopuncture
2006 - Prolotherapy
2007 - Kinesiology 
2009 - Orthomolecular medicine, Intravenous therapies
2010 - EECP Enhanced External Counterpulsation 
2010 - Ozone Therapy 
2011 - Prolozone Therapy (Training with Dr Frank Shallenberger, MD)

To decide which treatment is more appropriate for your case, in the first visit, after listening the Clinical History and evolution, physical examination a diagnosis will be made. Then I can decide and explain the alternatives that can be used. The options, the treatment plan and duration of the treatment will be explained and discussed with you to fit your personal schedule. 

The following are the disease which I have treated with good success: 

Numbness in hands, feet or head 
Allergies (hives or nose) 
Anxiety, nervousness
Aquiles, tendinitis 
Heartburn, stomach pain 
Alzheimer, Senil dementia
Panic Atack , phobias and fear 
Autoinmmune disease
Abdominal Bloating 
Breast cyst and inflammation
Leg cramps 
Carotid artery calcification
Ischemic cardiopathy, Coronary obstruction
Neck Pain Cervicalgia , whiplash syndrome, cervical dystonia or spasmodic torticolis.
Dizziness, Meniere ,vertigo 
Tennis elbow
Bad concentration 
High Colesterol 
Menstrual Pain , Menstrual irregularity
Ulcerative Colitis, Chron’s disease 
Trigger finger 
Low inmmune defense
Senil Dementia 
Diarrhea acute or cronic
Herniated Disc 
Erectile dysfunction 
Pain (any type, acute or cronic) 
Back pain 
Swelling of legs or feet
Side effects of surgery or prescription drugs
COPD or Cronic Obstructive Puldmonary Disease , Enfisema 
Amiotrofic Lateral Sclerosis ALS 
Ankle sprain acute or chronic 
Heel Spur, plantar fasceitis 
Stress Acute and cronic, Panic Atack, nervousness 
Heart Failure, heart weakness 
Heart Infarction, Ischemia 
Cronic Phleghm
Fobias and Fear, Claustrophobia
Abdominal bloating, excessive gas stomach and intestinal 
Flu or cold, repetitive , low inmunne system.
Gout or Uric Acid 
Herpes Zoster 
Benign Prostatic Hypertrofia BPH 
Frozen shoulder, tendinitis, bursitis , Rotator cuff inflammation 
Tingling in any part of the body
Urinary incontinence
Irritable bowel 
Insomnia , interrupted sleep. 
Macular degeneration
Preventive medicine 
Memory problems
Heavy metal intoxication
Migraine headache
Neuralgia del trigémino 
Diabetic neuropathy, leg numbess or cramps
Facial paralisis or Bell syndrome
Piriform, synrome
Knee pain, cartilage wear, tendinitis
Gastroesofágic reflux
Retinopaty, diabetic
Rinitis, allergic , cronic sinusitis, nose obstruction 
Premenstrual Sydrome
Tinnitus or ear ringing
Carpal Tunnel, trigger finger
Ulcer, stomach, gastritis


Acupuncture is a safe and effective natural therapy that is used to heal illness, prevent disease and improve well-being. Tiny, hair-thin needles are inserted into specific points in the body, where they are gently stimulated to trigger the body's natural healing response. Acupuncture is effective for controlling pain and can regulate the body's physiological functions to treat various internal dysfunction and disorders.

According to traditional acupuncture theory, there are twelve energy channels called "meridians" running vertically along the length of the human body, each one linking to a specific organ. Illness is caused by obstructed energy flow at certain points along the meridians. Acupuncture therapy stimulates meridian flow and harmonizes the body's energy to influence the health of both body and mind. 

    About my personal experience since 1988, Acupuncture treatments effectiveness  depends vastly on the skill of the doctor.   Reading about Acupuncture in the internet, all Non Acupuncturist writings put much doubt about the effectiveness of Acupuncture. I think that two things could be happening, one is that some acupuncturist are not having good results with their technique or that bad intentioned people are using their influence to bad mouth  Acupuncture.   Even Wikipedia's definition about Acupuncture is negatively biased that I would think that they have not done their real homework consulting acupuncture patients.  Probably they have just searched "Quackwatch" website and repeated all their BS about Acupuncture.   What I have seen with my Acupuncture treatments is  that  this is an incredible type of treatment and that I obtain amazing results that even after 22 years of practicing it,  I can be surprised with  the results. I have succesfully treated patients which have visited at least 3 to 5 doctors, before coming to me.  Most of them so confused because they have been given different diagnosis , different  treatments by each doctor, or  curiously given the same type of treatments (the same pill, different brand)  without relief.  Most of the time:  "take this pill, if you don't get well, we'll operate it" type of approach.  

Read more about Acupuncture:  http://library.thinkquest.org/24206/orthomolecular-medicine.html

What is Acupuncture:    http://www.acupuncture-treatment.com/about_acupuncture.html


Benefits of Acupuncture:   http://www.acupuncture-treatment.com/benefits.html

  When treating pain, I always try to go to the root of the pain, using the most direct approach  to needle that injured site, and my results for cronic and difficult pain cases is at least 90% effective. And now, complementing Acupuncture with Biopuncture,  I have created a winning team. Add some Ozone, and it couldn't get  better!   See Prolozone ahead. 



Biopuncture is the injection of Homeopathic medicine in  specific points,  could be trigger point injections or Acupuncture points  (Homeosiniatry).    In other words, it’s the combination of German Homeopathy and Chinese Acupuncture.  After Acupuncture, this is also one of my favorite  treatment because it is so effective.   According to the disease, I will choose the combination of medicine that I will use.  I have had incredible results that astound me, for example in Trigeminal Neuralgia, this will be the first election treatment to alleviate or cure it.   This is a terrible disease that Western Medicine doesn’t have any effective treatment except drug the patient until he’s  so drowsy that it’s difficult to go on with normal life.   So after several injections in the painfull site, and some oral homeopathics, the patient can  improve this terrible condition. 

  Homeosiniatry is my election treatment for cronic digestive disease like Gastritis or Heartburn- Reflux syndrome.  In this cases, I will inject a combination of Homeopathic remedies in Acupuncture points like Stomach 36 Suzanli,  Spleen 6 San yin jiao,  Zhongwan.   Also, will complement with oral homeopathics, Ear acupuncture,  some herbals like Licorice extract, digestive enzymes.  It’s not rare to cure the patient even when they have taken PPI Proton Pump Inhibitor medicine for years  (Nexium, Omeprazole, etc.).  

Read more about Biopuncture:      http://www.kersschot.com/Biopuncture.html



After Acupuncture, Homeopathy is my second passion.  It`s an incredible treatment with results that after so many years still surprise me and it complements perfectly with other treatments. 

Homeopathic medicine is used to describe a powerful yet non-toxic system of medicine.  Dr. Hahnemann, a German physician, made the first discovery of the scientific principles known as homeopathy over 200 years ago.  It is based on the premise that certain natural substances are able to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms, allowing the body to heal itself.  After symptoms of a condition have been alleviated, homeopathic remedies can work to reestablish internal order at the deepest levels.  Because very small doses are used, healing is accomplished without negative side effects.  


Like Cures LikeThe principle of “Like Cures Like” means that a substance which can cause certain symptoms in a healthy individual when taken in large doses can cure those same symptoms when taken in small doses.  As an illustration, a dilute yet medically active homeopathic medicine from onions can relieve the symptoms of teary eyes and a runny nose.  Western medicine uses this principal often in vaccination therapy where small amounts of a toxin are used to stimulate the body’s reaction against that toxin. 

Small DosesThe homeopathic concept of “Small Doses” means that very dilute doses of active ingredients are often all that is needed to stimulate the body’s healing processes.  The recognized safety of homeopathic medicines is partially due to the fact that each ingredient is employed in the most dilute form that will produce the desired therapeutic effect.  In homeopathy, the number in front of the letters X or C designates the number of times that an ingredient has been diluted.  X indicates 1 to 10 dilutions and C indicates 1 to 100 dilutions. 


Biochemical Interaction:  Some ingredients in homeopathic products are relatively undiluted extracts of active ingredients, with the biochemical interaction between the active ingredient and the body being the primary method of therapeutic action.  

Electromagnetic:  During the homeopathic production process, some ingredients become very dilute due a manufacturing procedure of succussion.  Succussion is a process of diluting and agitating ingredients systematically during manufacture.  Using this method, a homeopathic ingredient can become so dilute that its method of action to stimulate the body’s rebalancing mechanisms is no longer biochemical, but electromagnetic.   It is the energy of these highly dilute ingredients that positively impacts the body’s regulatory signals. 

The More Dilute the Remedy, the Greater Its Potency
Most people believe that the higher the dose of a medicine, the greater the effect. But the opposite holds true in homeopathy where the more a substance is diluted, the higher its potency.  Dr. Hahnemann discovered this Law of Infinitesimal Dose by experimenting with higher and higher dilutions of substances to avoid toxic side effects.

Today, homeopathic remedies are usually prepared through a process of diluting with pure water or alcohol and succussing (vigorous shaking).  Homeopathic solutions can be diluted to such an extent that literally no molecules of the original substance remain in the remedy. Yet, the more dilute it gets the more potent it becomes. This phenomenon has been the source of great fascination among practitioners and researchers in the field of homeopathic medicine, as from the point of view of conventional chemistry, diluted homeopathic remedies may contain no trace of the original substance. In fact, any homeopathic remedy over 24X potency (twenty-four successive dilutions and succussions) will have no chemical trace of the original substance remaining. 

According to Trevor Cook, Ph.D., DI Hom., President of the United Kingdom Homeopathic Medical Association, the explanation of the therapeutic action of highly dilute homeopathic remedies appears to lie in the domain of quantum physics and the emerging field of energy medicine. A study using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging demonstrated distinctive readings of subatomic activity in twenty-three different homeopathic remedies. This potency was not demonstrated in placebos (substances having no pharmacological effect).Some researchers believe that the specific electromagnetic frequency of the original substance is imprinted in the homeopathic remedy through the process of successive dilution and succussion, says Dr. Cook.
The Healing Crisis and Hering's Laws of Cure
In homeopathy, the process of healing begins by eliminating the immediate symptoms, then progressing to the "older," underlying symptoms. Many of these "layers" are residues of fevers, trauma, or chronic disease that were unsuccessfully treated or suppressed by conventional medicine. As the stages of homeopathic healing progress, the patient may get worse before feeling better. This is often referred to as the "healing crisis." 

In the mid-nineteenth century, Dr. Constantine Hering, the father of American homeopathy, stated that healing progresses from the deepest part of the body to the extremities; from the emotional and mental aspects to the physical; and from the upper part of the body (head, neck, ears, throat) to the lower part of the body (fingers, abdomen, legs, feet). Hering's Laws of Cure also state that healing progresses in reverse chronological order, from the most recent maladies to the oldest. By Hering laws, homeopaths are able to track the progress of their treatment and restore a patient's health, layer by layer.

Conditions Benefited by Homeopathy
Homeopathy is a complete system of natural medicine that can have a therapeutic effect on almost any disease or health condition. "Homeopathy has been a tremendous value in reversing diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, bronchial asthma, epilepsy, skin eruptions, allergic conditions, mental or emotional disorders, especially if applied at the onset of the disease," states George Vithoulkas, Director of the Athenian School of Homeopathic Medicine in Athens, Greece. "The long-term benefit of homeopathy to the patient is that it not only alleviates the presenting symptoms but it reestablishes internal order at the deepest levels and thereby provides a lasting cure.**

Increasingly, clinical studies are supporting the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies. In a recent article published in the British Medical Journal, 107 controlled clinical studies (performed between 1966 and 1990) were reviewed. Eighty-one of these studies showed that homeopathic medicines were beneficial in treating headaches, respiratory infections, diseases of the digestive system, ankle sprains, postoperative infections and symptoms, and other health-related disorders.**

Studies attesting to the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis have appeared in both The Lancet and the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. In a Double-blind study on the effects of homeopathic remedies on influenza, it was found that twice as many of the patients who took the homeopathic remedy were cured in forty-eight hours, as opposed to those who took a placebo, as reported in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.**

Another clinical study shows the efficacy of treating hay fever with homeopathic remedies.  A double-blind trial indicates that homeopathic remedies are extremely effective in dealing with dental neuralgic pain following tooth extraction.  German research reports successful homeopathic treatment of Parkinson's disease, bronchitis, sinusitis, migraines,  influenza, and motion sickness with homeopathic remedies.

Combination Remedies
Today, many homeopathic practitioners use "combination" formulas that contain several remedies to cover a broad range of symptoms for an acute condition. For example, people with colds experience runny noses, watery eyes, sneezing, fever, and headaches. A combination cold remedy contains remedies for each of these symptoms. The appropriate remedies in a formula will have a therapeutic effect, while the unnecessary remedies will be shed off and have no effect at all. Combination homeopathic remedies have a unique effect on the body--the body assimilates what it needs, and throws off what it doesn't, making it a completely safe, nontoxic form of medicine.

For more information, you can visit:   http://library.thinkquest.org/24206/orthomolecular-medicine.html

PROLOZONE: It's a combination  of Prolotherapy  (   http://www.prolotherapy.org/    ) and Ozone.  Most cronic pain do not heal because in the injured or inflammed site there are chemical changes that perpetuate such inflammation and there is bad "oxygen utilization".  So when we inject Homeopathic medicine plus some Ozone/Oxygen mixture we enhance and stimulate the body to start a new healing process.  With this treatment, I will use special Homeopathic solutions that will stimulate collage, cartilage repair, circulation, modulate inflammation to help make the injured site stronger.  So this is a very physiologic or natural way of healing.   For more information , you can visit Dr Shallenberger's website:  http://www.antiagingmedicine.com/procedures.htm

Prolotherapy  is a natural technique that stimulates the body to repair the painful area when the natural healing process needs a little assistance. That's all the body needs, the rest it can take care of on it's own. In most cases, commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory medications and more drastic measures like surgery and joint replacement may not help, and often hinder or even prevent the healing process. The basic mechanism of Prolotherapy is simple. A substance is injected into the affected ligaments or tendons, which leads to local inflammation. The localized inflammation triggers a wound healing cascade, resulting in the deposition of newcollagen, the material that ligaments and tendons are made of. New collagen shrinks as it matures. The shrinking collagen tightens the ligament that was injected and makes it stronger.
Read more:   http://www.prolotherapy.org/               http://www.prolonews.com/


Chelation Therapy is an intravenous treatment using a solution containing minerals, vitamins, and a special amino acid called EDTA. It is a highly effective therapy used to treat angina, coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, heavy metal toxicity,and hypertension. CheZone therapy consists of a combination of Chelation Therapy and Ozone Therapy. 
    Chezone greatly enhance the already well documented efficacy of Chelation Therapy.  Chelation Therapy improves circulation, enabling more oxygen to reach the cells. Ozone therapy enables the cells to use the oxygen that is being delivered with a much higher level of efficiency. These two modalities are truly synergistic, and the results of either are greatly increased when they are administered together. For this reason, in most clinical situations, we prefer CheZone treatments over Chelation therapy alone. It's my main treatment for Alzheimer disease and the results have been very good.  It can stop  the degenerative process and even reverse it, improving the cognitive and memory of the patients that receive it. 

Phosphatidyl Choline is a phospholipid  that has an effect over the vascular health, improves bad  lipids in the blood and liver function.   When prepared in the IV solution, it  literally  looks like a detergent or soap which will enter the bloodstream  flushing all the  arteries.   The treatments can be given once a week or twice depending on the symptoms.  And yes, it can also be alternated with EDTA Chelation therapy.

For more information:    http://www.plaquex.net/Downloads/PlaquexCebu.pdf

Orthomolecular medicine, as conceptualized by double-Nobel laureate Linus Pauling, aims to restore the optimum environment of the body by correcting imbalances or deficiencies based on individual biochemistry, using substances natural to the body such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements and fatty acids.   
The term "orthomolecular" was first used by Linus Pauling in a paper he wrote in the journal Science in 1968. The key idea in orthomolecular medicine is that genetic factors affect not only the physical characteristics of individuals, but also to their biochemical milieu. Biochemical pathways of the body have significant genetic variability and diseases such as atherosclerosis, cancer, schizophrenia or depression are associated with specific biochemical abnormalities which are causal or contributing factors of the illness. Want to learn more? 

The following essays give a more detailed overview of the nature, efficacy and history of orthomolecular medicine.
For more information on Orthomolecular Medicine you can visit:   http://www.orthomed.org/

Intravenous  Vitamin C :    http://www.doctoryourself.com/riordan1.html

For more information about Dr Mathias Rath  and Cancer treatment:  


Enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP) is a procedure for the treatment of angina, heart faillure or cardiomiopathy.  It reduces symptoms of ischemia , diminished blood flow, and enhances the functional ability and quality of life of the patient.   It can be called "Natural bypass" because it will stimulate  production of VEGF or Vaso endotelial growth factors which create NEW blood vessels in the heart muscle.  If you have obstructed coronary arteries,  the new collaterals will supply the much needed blood-oxygen so  "life goes on" without too much problem.  EECP will enhance production of VEGF in at least 20% after receiving an  hour session.  So will excercising for the same time, so this is the importance of starting now to excercise.   EECP will move the blood from the lower limbs and increase blood flow inthe whole body , this increased friction of the blood flowing in the blood vessels walls, have a beneficial effect, remodeling the walls, getting rid of obstructions and atheromatic  "plaster" in the artheries lining. 

Read more here:    http://drchial.com/servicios.php?id=169#EECP%20Enhanced%20External%20Counter%20Pulsation%20%28English%29


Kinesiology  and Therapeutic Massage: 

In addition to the Acupuncture treatments, I can also make small kinesiologic adjustments.  This are done in a subtle way with a Arthrostim device, which gives 12 pulses per second making small aligning adjustments in the spine and other joints. Small adjustments, great results!!!

In Omega Medical Center, we also offer Therapeutic Massage, deep tissue release done byMaria Cruz.  Probably the best masseur in Panama.  Call our secretary for your appointment.  You will be delighted.

For more information on Arthrostim you can enter: 

Psico Neuro Therapy

It's  the treatment of mind and mental conditions with natural medicine that will "regulate"  or fine tune mild to moderate levels of disbalance.   I will use different modalities of treatments all specific for mind conditions like:  anxiety, panic attack, depresion, obsesive compulsive behavior or thinking, insomnia, mood swings, impatience and easily angered, bad temper, smoking addiction.   I will use a synergistic plan with Orthomolecular Medicine using combination ofAminoacids.  This are nutrients which we could be deficient and that given in optimal amounts, we can obtain great improvements in the patients without side effects. Example of this aminoacids are  Tryptophan, L Tyrosine, Phenyl Alanine, S ame, Methionine.   We can supply this by intravenous way which is my preferred method and complement with oral capsules.  Within the IV's  I'll include a combination of Homeopathics with floral essence  which can target specific problems.   The beauty of this is that the results can be seen fast and that there will be NO side effects and we  won't transform negatively the personality of the patient or leave him letargic or slow minded  like when pharmaceutical drugs are used. Some herbals can also be used to pacify the mind , like Passion flower, Kava kava, Valerian, Relora, Siberian Ginseng.  


If you have read the latest  medical journals about advances in treatment of Alzheimer disease, you could easily get discouraged.  What they say now is that there is Amyloid deposits in the brain but that decreasing this accumulation will not prevent that the disease progress.   And  that all the latest drugs which are some type of "Cholinesterase Inhibitors" which  block the breakdown of Acetylcholine will only improve partially  the mild to moderate cases.  When the disease progress, this medicines are useless.  To think that they have only worried about Acetylcholine.  Alzheimer and Senil Dementia is result of "poor oxygen utilization" in the brain, and if we improve vascular circulation, the deteriorating process  will really slow down.  Modern medicine knows that with Cholinesterase Inhibitors, the improvement will only be partial and temporary for 2 years, after that , the patient will go downhill no matter what.  Now the good news, I have had excellent results with Chelation Therapy with EDTA, Plaquex which is Phosphatidyl Choline (chemically similar to Acetylcholine) and Ozone Therapy.   Doesn't this seem logical that patients will improve?  Also, brain nutrients are given like Acetyl L Carnitine, Phosphatidyl Serine, Phosphatidyl Choline, DMAE,  Tyrosine, Glutamine, Neuromins, etc.  Also, important are nutrients which will mantain a healthy vascular circulation like Ginkgo biloba, Vitamin C, Omega 3 oils, Vitamin K2, Nattokinase.    There are  so many things to do,  NOW YOU KNOW IT,  because I told you here.     If  only you would be proactive to try to safe your loved one from this horrible disease. 

More information coming: 



Let's safe your heart!

If you have any question or would like more information about the treatments given, I can be contacted in the following: 

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